One and Two

Reviewed by: Arnprior

Imagine X-Men First Class being produced by Terrence Malick, with Michael Cimono as DP, working from a script by The Wrestler's Robert Siegel on a hangover morning. But then the whole thing is ... read more

Ender's Game

Reviewed by: LaRae Meadows

Ender's Game is like a lightning bug; far away its beauty mesmerizes, but on closer view it's just a simple, ordinary creature. Ender's Game tries to use majestic visuals to evoke emoti... read more

Star Trek Into Darkenss

Reviewed by: LaRae Meadows

Watching Star Trek Into Darkness awoke the part of me that wants to use dental floss as a garrotte, my impotent rage. Impotent, unending, head aching, day ruining, simmering rage. Director JJ Abram... read more

The Avengers

Reviewed by: 00Dylan

  As a comic book fan of many years, it's almost hard to believe that The Avengers actually happened, let alone that it wasn't a train wreck. The slow buildup - Nick Fury in Iron M... read more

The Raven

Reviewed by: LaRae Meadows

    Edgar Allan Poe’s final week on earth is a mystery, even to this day. The Raven is a cinematic midrash of Poe’s last week alive. The sparkle of gorgeous costumes, ... read more

Midnight Special Trailer

Posted by Sunfrogolin on Wednesday, November 25th 2015



Michael Shannon kidnaps his son and goes on the run from an extreme religious sect and some government types after learning of his son's freaky powers and glowing eyes. Kirsten Dunst plays the rightfully freaked out mother. Jaeden Lieberher is Alton, the freaky kid. Releasing March 18, 2016.

Barbershop: The Next Cut Trailer

Posted by Sunfrogolin on Wednesday, November 25th 2015



Ice Cube, and Cedric the Entertainer bring you this new comedy from Universal Pictures. Releasing April 15, 2016. The Next Cut is the third movie in the Barbershop franchise coming 12 years after Barbershop 2. This third episode sees one-time rivals Calvin and Gina teaming up to run the barbershop together and take back the streets of Chicago. Judging from the trailer, it looks like it's going to be pretty funny.

Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Posted by Sunfrogolin on Tuesday, November 24th 2015



Here it is true believers! The one you've been waiting for with baited breath. Cap and Bucky take on the world and half the Avengers with a sneak peek at The Black Panther. Enough blabbing, let's look at the trailer a few times. Look for T'Challa at 1:51 and the next few scenes afterwards.

Toy Story 4 Leak Confirmed!

Posted by Sunfrogolin on Tuesday, November 24th 2015



Toy Story 4 is a go! Tom Hanks himself confirmed that there is another Toy Story movie on the way. In this clip from the Graham Norton Show on the BBC Hanks reveals that audio recording begins December 2, 2015, and that the movie is scheduled for a 2018 release. 2018 seems so far away doesn't it?