Details on Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Posted by: 00Dylan on February 25, 2011

Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi horror Prometheus originally came out of the gate as a prequel to his much beloved 1979 classic Alien. However, it wasn't too long ago that news hit of Prometheus taking on a life of its own, becoming an original science fiction film rather than anything connected to the Alien universe. More details have emerged, and it looks like it may be connected after all.

While the story of Prometheus might not tie into the Alien franchise, it seems as if the xenomorphs will be involved somehow. Bleeding Cool has spoken with a source close to the production who says that the xenomorphs will indeed be in the movie, though they might not be totally recognizable - at least not at first. Anybody who knows their Aliens can tell you that xenomorphs take on characteristics of their host and that their final form reflects this. This was displayed the most outright in Aliens 3, with the canine.

Well, according to the source, we might not immediately recognize a xenomorph that's untouched by human DNA, heavily hinting that that's what we'll see in the film. It'll be the aliens that we know and love mixed with new aliens, creating a combination that will be completely foreign to us.

The science fiction nerd is me is absolutely glowing over this news, and the film buff in me is happy that Scott has found a clever way to connect it to the aliens franchise without just rehashing what has come before.

There's still much to learn about Prometheus and Movie Vault will bring you more details as they come in.

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