Hulk Smash Ed Norton!

Posted by: Sunfrogolin on July 17, 2010

Mark Ruffalo doesn't seem like the threatening type to me, but don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Especially since there are major rumors going around that point to Mark as being the next Incredible Hulk.

Hulk ladies, not hunk. We already know you think he's a hunk. The soon to be shirtless Ruffalo is rumoured to be in talks to play the Incredible Hulk in the upcoming highly anticipated Avengers movie.

Why Ed Norton won't return is anyone's guess. Some people say he would love to return as the Hulk, others say that he wouldn't. Others point to a money problem and others say he doesn't want to be part of an ensemble cast. It's anyone's guess really. At this point no one knows for sure but Ed himself.

Anyway, I think Mark Ruffalo would make the perfect Bruce Banner don't you? He's so nice and non-threatening. As for being the Hulk, no problem. That part will probably be done in CGI so no worries. I think this is a case of perfect casting and I already want to line up to see Mark as the Hulk. No offense to Ed Norton.

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  1. rorydean August 27, 2010 at 05:14 PM

    I was just discussing this over the last couple of days - the business of Hollywood and franchises and how investment and ROI (return on investment) fuel so many decisions these days that ultimately go against audiences and fans. Personally, I'm not all that interested in Ruffalo as the next Bruce Banner but it doesn't have anything to do with his acting ability - more with what the previous comment describes as 'consistency' and 'younger audiences dictating movie decisions'. I'd actually chime in by suggesting anyone interested in seeing Ruffalo at the top of his game should check out XX/YY, We Don't Live Here Anymore, or even You Can Count On Me. I'd avoid Shutter Island for all the reasons I outlined over at Above the Line: Practical Movie Reviews, especially since his performance is weak and Scorsese seems lost in crafting a film using previous, proven style choices.


  2. July 18, 2010 at 03:18 PM

    Actually Norton wanted to return but Marvel doesn't want him back. You can read his letter about it on his Facebook page. I think they want a cheaper actor. Thus Mark Ruffalo. Notice how, with the exception of Iron Man they have went for cheaper actors with the Spider-Man and X-Men reboots? Marvel has been trying to maximize their profits at the risk of ruining their movies and losing big-name stars. They almost low-balled Samuel Jackson and Mickey Rourke into backing out of Iron Man 2. They did away with Sam Rami and Tobey Maguire despite the near Multi-Billion dollar trilogy. They tried to bash Norton and saying he was hard to deal with but Norton's response was classy and Marvel's was anything but. The thing here is that a lot of people were looking forward to Ed Norton and Robert Downey Jr together in the Avengers. Norton was very eager to do this. Now we get a third actor playing Banner and to me it's tiring. Consistency would have been best and Norton is a great actor. No offense to Mark Ruffalo but compared to Norton I'd pick Ed anyday. Marvel dropped the ball on this in my opinion. Avengers could have been top-notch but instead seemed to drop a notch. Since the Twilight success they are really trying to appeal to that young audience, therefore we get a YOUNG Spider-Man movie AGAIN, and an X-Men prequel with young people who generally come cheap. It won't be until these types of movies fail for long periods of time that this will stop. This is like the focus on women fans after Titanic after that movies were catered to that audience. I just don't understand why they don't try to broaden their audience.


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