Human Target The Complete Season 1 Blu-ray!

Posted by: joecooler2u on October 15, 2010

Are you in extreme danger? Need special security? Is there a bullet out there with your name on it? Leave it to Chance. Mark Valley is protector-for-hire Christopher Chance in a thrill-packed 2-Disc, 12-Episode Season 1 based on the DC Comics series and graphic novels. From piloting a distressed, upside-down jumbo jet to body guarding a D.A. targeted by a gang, Chance puts his life on the line - and each new adventure reveals a little about the mysterious past that drew him to this line of work. Chi McBride as ops manager Winston and Jackie Earle Haley (A Nightmare On Elm Street Remake) as techno genius/fixer Guerrero are Chance’s support crew.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this, but I was won over by the Pilot episode featuring a bullet train going 200+ MPH and the lead character Chance having to protect a woman from a death threat. By the second episode, Rewind, I was wondering if it could keep up the work of the first. Not only did it do so, it beat the first by about 30,000 feet. Both episodes came off as one-hour movies. Great special effects, superb acting and a nice blend of action, story-telling and effects that will drop your jaw like an upside-down aircraft. Neither time in the first two episodes did I feel like I was watching a TV show, and I was skeptical going into this show, not having seen it’s first season on television due to my fear of giving shows a chance to having them canceled ten seconds later. Also, you have to check out Danny Glover’s hilarious cameo (not telling which episode).

By episode three’s Embassy Row we are still on a roll with a great story and the stunnig Emmanuelle Vaugier (formerly Mrs. Luther, the first wife, on Smallville). This episode is more grounded than the first two but has great fight scenes between Mark Valley and….Emmanuelle! Episode four was my the letdown episode, for me, being in a monastery, unless your last name is Carradine is usually a let-down. Episode 5 has us on the Run as the title name suggests bringing the show level back up on par with the first three episodes. Episode six’s Lockdown shows a progression of the season’s underlying storyline of someone hunting down Chance. Episode 7 Salvage and Reclamation is the treasure hunt episode and so far the show is perfect except the one let-down for me. Episode 8 Baptiste has Chance reteaming with an old ops partner and bringing back Ms Vaugier to get our hearts beating wild again. Episode 9 Corner Man shows Chance’s tough side, as if we didn’t see it in the 8 previous episodes, here he takes it to another level for you action junkies!

Episode 10 Tanarak hits home with a mining operation (the rescue of the miners just completed in real life) covering for illegal activites trapping Chance and a doctor. Episode 11’s Victoria mirrors the divorce of Princess Di, this time it’s Princess Victoria who decides to divorce and marry a common man (sound familiar?) Finally, Christopher Chance wraps up the tight awesomeness that is the first season of Human Target shedding the light somewhat on Chance while bringing in a lot more questions. I can’t wait for season 2! This series looks and sounds great on Blu-ray! It has a real cinematic feel at times that I forget I am watching a TV show. I wasn’t sure I would like it given my lack of knowledge about the show’s history being based on the DC comic by Len Wein and Carmen Infantino way back in 1972. Check out this Warner Brothers Blu-ray release on…Fox? Ok, that’s weird! You won’t regret buying this. I love it. Now get to work on a movie of this Warners!

Special Features

  • Human Target: Confidential Informant - From Page to Screen with Cast and Creators
  • Human Target: Full Contact Television - What it Takes to Unleash All That On-Screen Action
  • Unaired Scenes
  • Pilot Commentary by Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Executive Producers Jonathan E. Steinberg and Peter Johnson
  • Audio Mix Enhanced from Broadcast
  • Season Two is being postponed to Wednesday November 17th on Fox picking up where the exciting cliffhanger left off.

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