List of Celebrities Invited to the Marine Corps Ball

Posted by: Sunfrogolin on July 28, 2011

US Marines all over the world are lining up to invite their favorite celebrities to the Marine Corps Ball 2011.

After the Mila Kunis Justin Timberlake thing you knew it was bound to happen didn't you? I did. I've collected a bunch of links to video proposals for your viewing pleasure down below. Some of them are funny, some sweet. Mark Wahlberg's invite is slightly creepy but funny.

Some celebrities have recieved more than one invite from several Marines. Hmm.. how will that work out? And there are female Marines in the videos asking out guys as well. Here are all the ones I've found in ten minutes of searching. I'm sure there must be more out there. If you know of any drop us a line in the forums.

Will Ferrell (Funny), Taylor Swift (Funny and she's invited by more than one Marine), Mary-Kate OlsenJennifer AnistonHayden Panettiere, Woody Harrelson, Cameron Diaz (Funny and more than one invite), Lindsay LohanPaul WalkerEmma Watson (More than one invite), OprahMiley Cyrus (More than one invite), Emma StoneJessica BielChris EvansMark WahlbergAmanda Bynes and possibly more. Scarlette Johansson (Several invtes but she can't go)

Also, if you are a celebrity who is available in November drop me a line on Twitter @Sunfrog1 and I'll write a tasteful follow up story. I'm sure there are tons of Marines too shy to ask that would love to take you. Oh, that reminds me, it's not only celebrities and Marines, there are also a few civilian women who've made videos asking to be taken to the ball. I guess the old saying is still true, women love a man in uniform. Plus, you know girls, the Marine Corps motto is Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful. :)

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