Zombie Drugs - Side Effects Possible

Posted by: 00Dylan on January 31, 2011

Vinny and Sebastian, two burnouts clinging to their high school days and going seemingly nowhere in life, decide to start a drug business with the help of Sebastian's girlfriend and her rich best friend. Vinny has his doubts, but with the inclusion of Melissa into the group, feels compelled to stick around. Along the way, they'll face problems they never even considered: angry frat-boys, the mob, and even their own customers, who have suffered an extraordinary side effect of the "Zombie Drugs."

Zombie Drugs is written and directed by Alex Ballar, who also plays a role in the film. Ballar has sold almost a dozen screenplays and has small roles in major films like Basketball Diaries, As Good as it Gets, and A Bronx Tale. He's currently writing and directing the show The Resolve.

Beau Nelson plays Sebastian. Nelson has appeared in several films and will appear in the upcoming Madoff: Made Off with America alongside Michael Madsen and Tom Sizemore, as well as The Artist, alongside John Goodman and James Cromwell.

Wolfgang Weber plays Vinny. Weber has had guest roles in major primetime shows like Nip/Tuck and CSI Miami, and will appear in the upcoming horror film Into the Darkness with Mischa Barton and Kiowa Gordon.

Susan Graham, who plays Kara, played the lead in Fabric of the Cosmos. Natalie Irby, Melissa in Zombie Drugs, has worked on Spotlight and is about to begin filming Youth Group.

Be sure to check out the official site at Zombie and the official Zombie Drugs YouTube for promo clips.

Sebastian (Beau Nelson), a narcoleptic falls asleep when excited and fantasizes about being in bed with other women.  A very common theme throughout the movie, and in this case, requires his friends to carry him out of the park after finding him getting "involved" with a tree.

After a bad trip on Acid, Sebastian (Beau Nelson), vinny (Wolfgang Weber) and Kara (Susan Graham) sit on the couch crying and trying to come down with the use of Vitamin C.

Melissa (Natalie Irby), Kara (Susan Graham), Sebastian (Beau Nelson), Michael (Alex Ballar) and Vinny (Wolfgang Weber) hovering over the homemade "Zombie Drugs" after finding the recipe on the Internet.

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