Post Election: The Response?

Posted by: Aaron West on November 04, 2004

The election is over, the winner declared, and it is now an emotional time in America. Many are jubilant about the president's re-election, while others are bitter and skeptical as to its validity. Recalling the controversy over the 2000 election, along with the contradicting exit polls yesterday, many on the left have raised their eyebrows in response. If there is one thing certain about the outcome, it is that the nation will remain relatively divided, and the seemingly endless stream of political documentaries will not be over soon.

A new 30-minute documentary entitled "Votergate" has already been released as an internet download. This documentary doesn't necessarily attack the proceedings yesterday. It does, however, raise suspicion on the use of Diebold electronic voting machines, and suggests that the manufacturing company is less than honest, and that the machines could be used to manipulate election results, . There is no word yet on whether the lengthened version will accuse the 2004 election of impropriety, but it's certainly safe to assume that yesterday's happenings will be mentioned.

After Michael Moore's unusual role in this year's election, all eyes are on him after such a divisive result. He had previously urged individuals to bring cameras to voting stations in order to capture any potential illegal acts. Bush's re-election guarantees him a continued market for his brand of filmmaking, and I'm sure we'll hear from him soon in the future. Today on his website is a portrait of Bush, put together by the faces of soldiers killed in Iraq, along with a simple message that Moore is "not going away."

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