- action
Title Genre Director Votes
Time and Tide Action, Foreign Tsui Hark 3
Timeline Action, Adventure, Science Fiction Richard Donner 87
TMNT Action, Adventure, Animation Kevin Munroe 12
Tomb Raider Action, Adventure Simon West 26
Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life Action, Adventure Jan DeBont 742
Top Gun Action, Comedy, War Tony Scott 106
Torque Action Joseph Kahn 296
Training Day Action, Drama Antoine Fuqua 24
Transformers Action, Adventure, Science Fiction Michael Bay 221
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Action Michael Bay 7
Transformers: The Movie Action, Science Fiction Nelson Shin 100
The Transporter Action Corey Yuen 78
The Transporter 2 Action, Crime, Thriller Louis Leterrier 22
Treasure Planet Action, Adventure John Musker, Ron Clements 58
Tropic Thunder Action, Adventure, Children, Comedy, Thriller Ben Stiller 6
Troy Action, War 262
Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal Action, Thriller Jorge Montesi 53
The Tuxedo Action, Comedy Kevin Donovan 99
U.S. Marshals Action, Thriller Stuart Baird 22
Ultraviolet Action, Science Fiction Kurt Wimmer 2
Underworld: Evolution Action, Horror Len Wiseman 57
Universal Soldier Action, Science Fiction Roland Emmerich 69
Universal Soldier: The Return Action, Science Fiction Mic Rodgers 12
Unknown Action, Thriller Jaume Collet-Serra 0
Unleashed Action, Drama Louis Leterrier 8
Up Action, Adventure, Animation, Children Bob Peterson, Pete Docter 7
V for Vendetta Action, Drama, Science Fiction James McTiegue 82
Vampires Action, Horror John Carpenter 13
Van Helsing Action, Fantasy, Vampire Stephen Sommers 175
Vertical Limit Action, Thriller Martin Campbell 5
Waist Deep Action, Crime, Thriller Vondie Curtis 8
Walking Tall Action Kevin Bray 100
Wanted Action, Drama, Thriller 4
War of the Worlds Action, Drama, Science Fiction Steven Spielberg 126
The Warrior's Way Action, Adventure, Martial Arts Sngmoo Lee 0
Warriors of Heaven and Earth Action, Western He Ping 13
Watchmen Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Zack Snyder 13
We Were Soldiers Action, Drama, War Randall Wallace 99
Westworld Action, Science Fiction Michael Crichton 33
Whatever it Takes Action Brady MacKenzie 52
White Heat Action, Gangster Raoul Walsh 15
The Whole Ten Yards Action, Comedy Howard Deutch 50
The World Is Not Enough Action, Thriller Michael Apted 65
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Gavin Hood 7
X-Men: The Last Stand Action, Drama, Science Fiction Brett Ratner 34
XXX Action Rob Cohen 222
xXx: State of the Union Action, Adventure Lee Tamahori 50
Yojimbo (The Bodyguard) Action, Drama Akira Kurosawa 18
You Only Live Twice Action John Glen 8
Zoom Action, Adventure, Family, Science Fiction Peter Hewitt 29