Avril Carruthers

Age: 64

Location: Sydney, Australia

About Me: Avril Carruthers was born of Scottish parents in Mutare, Zimbabwe and emigrated to Australia with her family when she was 10. She runs a private practice in psychotherapy and lives in Sydney, Australia, with her partner, actor Roger Smith and two cats. She has one adult daughter, Sarah.

It has been noted by clients and others that Avril is incapable of holding a conversation without at least one reference to a movie to illustrate a point. At the same time, Avril is frequently mystified at the vast number of people she meets daily who do not see six movies a week and whose last excursion to the movies was in 1982.

The result of these two conflicting observations is baffled frustration all round. Avril has therefore made it her personal mission to write about as many movies as it is humanly possible to do while seeing enough clients to keep body and soul together and having what people talk about as 'a life'.

Apart from watching and talking and writing about movies, Avril also loves (not in order) walking on the beach and in the bush, swimming in the sea, driving in her four-wheel drive, camping, the theatre, dinner with friends and family - hopefully with a movie, listening to her clients, watching her partner act, talking to her cats, listening to music, being on the Internet, her partner, her daughter and other family and hopes fervently that this means she does indeed have 'a life'.

Favorite Film: The Seven Samurai

Favorite Actor: Sir Anthony Hopkins

Favorite Actress: Toni Collette

Favorite Director: Akira Kurosawa

Total NTF Score: 250.5

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