Age: 40

Location: Wernersville, PA

About Me: I love movies. It is a life-long passion for me. Two of my early favorites are JAWS & John Carpenter's Halloween. I love a lot of genres, but good horror stands out for me as the above two movies are tied with some others as being my favorite movies of all-time. Forrest Gump is another favorite of mine along with other Spielberg, Carpenter and James Cameron movies. The Terminator series, Titanic (yes, I'm a guy who loves Titanic) Aliens are also up there with my favorite movie of all-time. Comic book films are my current favorite genre, though there are still horror movies are still high up there on my list.

I have a huge collection of movies on VHS (getting rid of those) DVD and just started with Blu Ray movies. In DVDS I own in the neighborhood of 500+. I just bought Blu Ray for Christmas and my total collection is already over 20 and climbing. I aim to review every movie I own, saw, liked or hated. I will be brutally honest and even critical of my favorite movies, just to be balanced and give a fully-informed opinion on each film. In some respects I will give both DVD & Blu Ray reviews of the same title and whether to buy one, or the other. I might advise some movies to be rentals, others to be must-buys or just avoid the movie all-together. In some cases, I will review a movie from the theater and also it's DVD/Blu Ray release. Also, if I happen to have two different versions of the movie on DVD or on DVD & Blu Ray I will review each release and recommend which to buy. I also rent a huge amount of movies on Netflix and have all the premium channels and On Demand for those movies that might have slipped through the cracks.

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Favorite Film: Halloween, JAWS, Forrest Gump...too many to name just one

Favorite Actor: Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Sylvester Stallone,

Favorite Actress: Not Entered

Favorite Director: James Cameron, John Carpenter, Speilberg, Tarantino, Rob Rodriguez & many others!

Total NTF Score: 0

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