LaRae Meadows

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About Me: Born to the first colonists of the Mars prison colony, LaRae Meadows saw her first movie when famed director George Speilberg was sentenced to 40 years for exposing earth's secrets to Thojian raiders on Titan in his film, The President Touches. Coupling danger and films, the naturally rebellious LaRae decided to study films but was soon distracted by the compulsory manual labor inflicted on her by her parents' prison babysitters.

Using spare parts, very large springs tied to her shoes and her 195 IQ, LaRae was able to escape the prison camp by magnetizing herself to the trolly bringing prisoners to the encampment from Earth. Upon returning to Earth, her self-smuggling actions were discovered and LaRae was sent to Catholic boarding school, a fate worse than Martian Labor Camps.

There LaRae was forced to learn to write with both hands at the same time, which developed into extremely fast, articulate writing. Between the beatings and attempted brain-washings, the writing style became compulsive and uncontrollable. When the nuns realized LaRae could psychically tell what she was going to write before she actually knew, they accused her of being a witch.

When they tried the classic drown test on LaRae to determine if she truly was a witch, they were horrified but not really surprised to learn that LaRae in fact was a witch. Pissed off LaRae conjured up a tornado that sucked up the offending nuns and promptly whisked them into the nearest electric windmill. Proud of herself but a little bored, LaRae went to see a movie.

Since then LaRae has loved to watch movies because of the cruelty of the clergy. To this day LaRae can write the second and first pages of a review at the same time without pausing but LaRae now types instead of writes on paper. LaRae never did formally study film, she just likes to make insightful, uneducated observations.

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