Title Genre Director Votes
Cure Horror, Mystery, Thriller Kiyoshi Kurosawa 0
Artemisia Foreign Agnes Merlet 1
Traveller Suspense Jack Green 1
The Edge (Blu-ray) Action, Adventure, Thriller, Drama Lee Tamahori 1
Heaven's Burning Action, Drama Craig Lahiff 2
Spoiler Action, Science Fiction Jeff Burr, Luca Bercovici 2
Character Drama, Foreign Mike van Diem 3
Goshogaoka Musical Sharon Lockhart 3
The Winter Guest Drama Alan Rickman 3
Deceiver Crime, Drama Jonas Pate 4
Godmoney Drama Darren Doane 4
The Spanish Prisoner Suspense David Mamet 4
In the Company of Men Comedy, Drama Neil LaBute 4
National Lampoon's The Don's Analys... Comedy David Jablin 5
Smilla's Sense of Snow Suspense Bille August 5
Insomnia (1997) Thriller Erik Skjoldbj 5
The Assignment Thriller Christian Duguay 6
Absolute Power Thriller Clint Eastwood 6
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix Action, Animation, Science Fiction Takuya Sato 6
Fierce Creatures Comedy Fred Schepisi, Robert Young 7
Prefontaine Biography, Drama Steve James 11
Funny Games Suspense, Thriller Michael Haneke 13
Fireworks (Hana-bi) Action, Drama Takeshi Kitano 14
Suicide Kings Action, Comedy, Crime Peter O'Fallon 15
Abre Los Ojos Drama, Romance, Science Fiction Alejandro Amenabar 18
Cube Science Fiction Vincenzo Natali 23
Speed 2: Cruise Control Action Jan DeBont 24
The Pest Comedy Paul Miller 26
Private Parts Comedy, Drama Betty Thomas 32
The Ice Storm Drama Ang Lee 32
Cop Land Crime, Drama, Thriller James Mangold 33
In & Out Comedy Frank Oz 33
Jackie Brown Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama Quentin Tarantino 36
The Lost Boys Comedy, Horror Joel Schumacher 37
Boogie Nights Drama Paul Thomas Anderson 41
The Devil's Advocate Suspense, Thriller Taylor Hackford 45
U-Turn Drama, Noir, Thriller Oliver Stone 45
Twelve Angry Men Drama William Friedkin 45
Anaconda Horror Luis Llosa 60
Romy and Michele's High School Reun... Comedy David Mirkin 63
Event Horizon Horror, Science Fiction Paul Anderson III 68
Princess Mononoke Action, Animation, Fantasy Hayao Miyazaki 76
The Second Civil War Comedy, Political Joe Dante 86
The End of Evangelion Animation, Science Fiction Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki 93
Chasing Amy Comedy, Drama, Romance Kevin Smith 97
The Jackal Action, Thriller Michael Caton 98
The Saint Action, Romance, Thriller Phillip Noyce 101
Face/Off Action John Woo 113
Good Will Hunting Drama Gus Van Sant 115
Scream 2 Horror Wes Craven 119