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We've all seen at least one David Zucker film, either Top Secret!, Airplane! or one of the Naked Gun series, so knowing that the same guy, Zucker, directed BASEketball, it should be pretty clear to everyone what kind of film this is. The jokes in this one were less 'unreal' than all those impossible things Leslie Nielsen does in the Naked Gun films. In other words, this is - in my opinion - a better kind of humor, since it's basically actions a real person could do.

The story isn't too complex: Coop (Trey Parker) and Remer (Matt Stone) invent a game which consists in a mix of basketball and baseball; sounds pretty dumb at first, but soon it becomes the most watched sport in the country. The league's owner dies and passes the ownership to Coop, who sticks to his rules of not taking the game for making money. But other people are interested in it, since it's very easy to make money with it, with things such as a clothing line with the name of the Baseketball stars in it. Yasmine Bleeth plays the director of a dying children fundation who would later need the guy's help. That's all I'm saying about the story.

The serious movie buffs aren't supossed to like films like this, or so some people think, but I've discovered that some people secretly like this film quite a lot, they just don't say it out loud since it could make them look bad to those people who are totally against this kind of film. This is one of those comedies where a joke pops up every two seconds, so naturally, even if only the 20% of the jokes are funny you'd be getting a nice amount of laughs.

The creators of South Park are actually pretty fine as the main characters in this film, they did a lot of stupid things but they looked exactly the way the wanted to: dumn and funny. It was also nice to see some people playing themselves, such as Bob Costas and Reggie Jackson. But I reckon this film is not for everybody, there is a small group of little factors that need to be taken in account to know if you're the type of person who's going to enjoy the film or not, such as knowing at least a little bit about sports, who Mr. October is, and liking the kind of humor that is considered by many to be 'childlish'. So I'd recommend it, but only to those who know what to expect.

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