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It's always interesting to watch great actors when they weren't so famous yet, and for some strange reason I always seem to like actors more when they were young. The film is not that old, but Hanks certainly didn't look as he did in any of the films from the last 5 years.

There's a machine that works with coins supposed to make your wish come true if you are able to put the coin in the right place, and when Josh Baskin (David Moscow) tried it he wished to be big, because at the time he was having some small problems. The next day he wakes up and notices he is a grown up (Tom Hanks), and when his mother sees him she thinks it's some kind of stranger so she gets him out of the house. Afer this the only person Josh can trust is his friend Billy (Jared Rushton), but there isn't much he can do.

When Josh tries to find the machine it's gone and to find it will take several weeks. That's when he realizes that he has to adapt himself to the adult world, including getting a job and having his first real relantionship with a woman (Elizabeth Perkins).

This is a very entertaining and funny movie. I saw it when I was younger and I still like it. It's a film for all ages, so don't just skip it if you think it's a kids flick, because it's not. By watching Tom Hanks' performances in the 80's you simply knew he'd become a star sooner or later. In this film you get to believe he truly is a kid trapped in an adult's body. The story is fine and that's enough to make this film worth watching. I'd say you give it a try if you haven't seen it and you're young-hearted.

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