Dumb & Dumber


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     This is the first film I saw Jim Carrey in, and it'd be fair to say from the beggining this guy seemed to have a future in comedies. Carrey confessed in an interview that nowdays some people still approach to him and tell him how Dumb & Dumber is their favourite film; he said that makes him happy, and he better be because this most of his films are grea to watch. Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) are two dumb losers who do nothing right in their lives, until one day Lloyd, who is a limo driver, takes Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly) to the airport. Lloyd fell in love with Mary, and he was looking at her from his the limo he was driving while she walked inside the airport. Seems like Mary was doing some sort of business with some people, so she left a briefcase in the floor so a certain person would pick it up. But Lloyd, watching this from his car, gets out and runs to the briefcase and takes it himself. While he was having a conversation with her in the limo, she mentioned she was going to Aspen. After Lloyd got the briefcase she decides he wants to return it to Mary, so he and Harry start traveling to Aspen in Harry's dog-van. While going to Aspen a bunch of different things happen, from taking the wrong way to accidentally killing a guy. The people who were supossed to take the briefcase start following them trying to figure out who they are. But their stupidity is actually confusing, so those people think they are professionals. Well, they get to Aspen, and they contact Mary, and from there some things just don't go as planned. The thing is, they had found out the briefcase contained money, but after that they spend almost everything. So all the troubles at the end were for nothing. But the kind of stuff they do while they're on Aspen is very funny. I like this kind of comedies, where there is a joke quite often but not too often, so the quality of the jokes never decreases. The acting is pretty good, both Carrey and Daniels are very funny in this film, and they were able to carry on all the dumb movements they had to do to make the film work. I think this would be good even for a non-comedy fan because through the film there is a huge ammount of funny scenes, and if you laugh in 10% of them you're still getting many laughs. I'd recommend it if you haven't seen it.

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