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“Just Visiting” is a fluff film that doesn’t even try on the slightly entertaining mindless fun film factor. It is only a mere series of slapstick comedy situations without much of a plot and not worth a chuckle. There are times though you are reminded you are still watching a comedy, but these still all only work on the level of anachromatic humor, people stuck in a time too etiquettely tuned for them.

A noble knight (Jean Reno) kills his love (Christina Applegate) in a poisoned mind state, literally. To revenge this happening he is going to travel back in time and stop this from ever occurring. He inquires a wizard (Malcolm McDowell) for help. But this wizard’s potion is tainted and they travel into futuristic uncharted waters.

The script such a poor one is sadly not revived by neither directing nor acting. Directing remains only generic, a robotic phantom director who doesn’t seem to add any style if one even originally exists. Characters are the epitome of one-dimensional paper cutouts holding hands. They are only objects there to act out different supposedly humorous situations, which seem to contain only a thin plot connected by a beginning and predictable ending. Among missing development and depth many characters are written in a whimsical quick way. They are stereotypical clichéd objects missing depth and any perception into a reality. A possible at least candy film demoted to the greenery of rabbit food.

Avoid this film since the only gratifying scene is a short second spanning sequence of a CGI dragon. This film offers nothing more enjoyable than the 90 minutes you would spend on it you could use analyzing “Drew Carey” pop-up specials.

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