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After being married for and long three months, Dan (Christopher Masterson - American History X) still can’t get his wife Marci (Bijou Phillips - Havoc, Almost Famous, Bully) to consummate their marriage, Sexually frustrated and mentally exhausted, Dan gives in to the demands of his insatiable boss, Catherine (Lauren German - Hostel II). He instantly regrets it and comes up with a plan with his friend Mike (Sam Levine, Inglourious Basterds) to fix things: They will find a guy for Marci to cheat with to soothe Dan’s guilty conscience. Finding the right man for the job, proves to be a difficult task.

The cast is tremendously enjoyable from Masterson to Bijou to Lauren with a nice role for Seinfeld’s Patrick Warburton that will make you laugh in almost every scene as a stage actor who gets so into his roles that he forgets his real self. Masterson physically resembled Neil Patrick Harris so much here that I had to keep checking to see if I got the credits correct for the review. His acting was very similar to Harris’s as well so maybe he was channeling the still-alive-and-kicking/acting Harris. I’ll never think of Law & Order’s Leslie Hendrix the same way again after her vast departure from the type of work I expect from her, not that that’s a bad thing mind you. Dan’s male friends are a bit too weird for my liking and repeated uses of German’s “sex” scene which shows nothing as far as nudity and gets tiring after the first go-around could have been done better, but for most of the movie, the story appeals in an outrageous and unbelievable way.

The story, acting and actors are so far over-the-top here that there is not much resemblance to reality here. If you thought American Pie or Porky’s were outrageous sex comedies you haven’t seen anything yet! Sex rules the story whether it be the married couple of Dan and Marci or Dan’s parents, lustful sister-in-law (and ex-girlfriend) to Dan, Catherine or Dan’s friend played Samm Levine who is lusting for Dan’s mother (Leslie Hendrix - Law & Order).

Despite the film’s lack of reality there is a bit to like here. I found myself warming up to the film early on, won over by Masterson’s performance as a sort of straight-man trying to right his life. There are some things in the film that come out of left field that I found myself completely not understanding the filmmakers intent such as German’s switch to German accent whenever dealing with Masterson’s character Dan. Some might be extremely put off by some offensive moments in the film such as the “little person” tossing scene or the constantly sexual references. Make no mistake this is more of an adult comedy, but there is a lot of quirkiness that might put off some people or make the film harder to believe or understand.

The film is very quirky, which may be why some people would be turned off. At times you have to wonder what the director and writer were thinking with some of the choices that were made. My opinion is that they went for over-the-top comedy that sometimes hit and sometimes miss their intended target. There were scenes that can made me laugh uncontrollably and others that made me think WTH? Especially a sex scene involving the beautiful Lauren German that kept getting replayed in flashbacks. Now normally a sex scene getting repeat play in a film is not a bad thing, but this is not a typical sex scene and it goes from a little silly the first time around to very annoying when it is all said and done.

Overall, Made For Each Other, isn’t made for everyone. A mainstream audience will most likely reject this film because of the complete lack of reality at play here. I liked the film, sure it isn’t in the same league as a Porky’s or American Pie, but if given a chance close to half the people watching this will like it. Mass appeal this movie might not have, but it made me laugh. I’d recommend a cautious rental with a warning that this might be a big hit-or-miss depending on your tastes.

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  • Samm Levine Before And After The Scene Featurette

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