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For a movie that's an hour and fourteen minutes long, "MST3K: The Movie" packs in more laughs per minute than almost any other comedy from the 90's.

The movie is nothing more than an episode of the show (except with more language,) in which Mike Nelson and his two robot pals, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, are trapped in a shuttle orbiting Earth and are being forced to watch the worst films ever made in an effort for the evil Dr. Forrester to unleash whatever film makes Mike crack on movie going audiances around the world, breaking their will and allowing him to take over.

The only problem is that Mike has an enormusly big sense of humor-- he keeps his sanity by sitting on the bottom of the screen and making fun of the horrible movie he's watching. Crow and Servo join in on the heckling as well.

The movie in question today is the 1950s sci-fi cheese-fest "This Island Earth," and we (the audiance) are subjected to it, with Crow, Mike & Servo located on the bottom of the screen and cracking jokes. Every once and a while they'll sneak out of the theatre and continue to try to escape from the shuttle, leading to funny, quirky interludes in between the movie that are like little skits, like one part where Mike accidently crashes the shuttle into the Hubble telescope.

The jokes come fast, furious, and no part of the film is safe from the trio's relentless heckling, not even the opening credits (while the cast list shows, Servo says, "Let's see...Shatner,Shatner...nope, doesn't look like he's in this one; we're safe.") It's every movie buff's dream come true-- a movie about what we've all wanted to while watching a really bad movie in the theatres.

"MST3K: The Movie" does not have any insightfulness, no real plot, and no fleshed out characters. What makes it so successful is its total immersion in its purpose: to tell as many jokes as it can in its alloted time. It succeeds in spades. If you aren't rolling on the floor laughing withing the first ten minutes, please, check your pulse. That's the only explaination I can think of as to why you wouldn't find this woderfully funny.

Rated PG-13 for language.

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