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I didn't know what to expect with this film, but I decided to give it a chance just to see how Stallone acted with a beard, heh. Apparently "Nighthawks" never got much recognition, it is one of those movies only a few have seen, but most of the bunch think it's watchable. There are too many movies like that, it's so sad.

Wulfgar (Rutger Hauer) is a german terrorist who loses control of his business for a moment and has to run from the feds. Nobody will hire him again in Europe, so he decides to travel to the US and make some attacks in there, just to proove he's still effective. He shaves his beard and has some plastic surgery on his face, and he's ready to go.

The anti-terrorism people are aware of his arrival to the US, so they start plans to catch him, but for this, they'll need a bit of extra help, so they ask the Police department to lend them a few of their best men. Deke DaSilva (Sylvester Stallone) and Matthew Fox (Billy Dee Williams), who are used to work on the streets, catching druggies and such, are called for the mission, for their military background, they're told. They need some training in anti-terrorism before they can go out and find Wulfgar, and when they're told they should not hesitate to shoot if they see him, even if he's in a crowd and innocent people could be accidentally killed, DaSilva doesn't think he should be part of these activites. Wulfgar blows a building, and the cops know he'll be at a UN convention, filled with diplomatics, so these makes DaSilva want to stay and help.

This movie was surprisingly good, Stallone and Williams make great partners, they should have made another couple of films together. In here Sylvester doesn't play his usual character, the cold blooded killer who does things the hard way; although he is a cop and definitely a tough guy, he seems a bit more reserved here, someone who doesn't like to draw attention or stuff like that. It was cool to see him in this role.

Williams was pretty good too, this guy has so many years working in Hollywood, yet most people wouldn't recognize him if they see him on the street, even if he was in a "Star Wars" movie. But the best performance in this film was definitely Rutger Hauer's, with his first american film. Hauer truly looked like a maniac in here, someone who wouldn't really mind killing someone, he was very convincing. I guess this performance gave birth to what some people -not me- call a cult film, "Blade Runner", which was made just a year later, and Mr. Hauer got one of the main roles. It's a shame he is a has-been nowdays, taking roles in crap TV films like "Turbulence 3".

At points I thought the story was pretty sloppy, with the anti-terrorism training lasting just one week and being so similar to a school class, but I guess it could work that way. This isn't a waste of time, so if you like Stallone or Hauer you might want to check it out.

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