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     It makes me sad the fact that I've read so many negative reviews about this film. Some say it's just another sex story, others say it's just pure crap. I say that even though the movie has some flaws, that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be watched, it does have some good things.

Harry Barber (Woody Harrelson) got out of jail after being locked up for two years; he was in there for a crime he didn't commit, he feels like someone owes him for the time he lost, so when Rhea Malroux (Elizabeth Shue) offers him a dirty deal that could end up giving him some money, he accepts.

Rhea is a young, sexy blonde who's married to a rich man called Felix Malroux. She came up with the idea of kidnapping her husband's daughter and ask for ransome, then she'd keep most part and give something to Harry, who's supossed to perform most of the plan. As expected, of course, it doesn't go completely right. Someone dies, and they blame Harry, so after he realizes he's been set up he starts thinking of a possible way to get out of this problem.

Yes, yes, I know. The story of the person being set up and the femme fatale has been done a huge number of times, but that doesn't mean every film of that kind should be skipped by the viewers. I though the film was pretty entertaining, it makes you wonder what actually happened and how did it end up like this. The mystery genre is one of my favourites, and even though this film wasn't as misterious and suspenseful as a movie can get, it was satysfying. A couple of sudden changes and small twists help the story a bit, and even though the ending wasn't really bad, I honestly think they could have come up with something even better. This is much more than just sex, as a matter of fact there is nearly no nudity in this film, just the usual stuff. I liked the acting, both Harrelson and Shue did a good job, I like them in most films they do. The supporting cast was great too: Michael Rapaport, ChloŽ Sevigny and the brilliant Gina Gershon help making this film even better. It's disappointing to see such a talented actress as Gina Gershon taking this relatively small roles, that's a crime, she's capable of being the lead role anytime she wants to. It wouldn't be one of my main recommendations but it's still worth a watch.

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