Pretty in Pink


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     John Hughes is best known for his 80s teen movies. Classics, like "Sixteen Candles," "The Breakfast CLub," and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." most of them starring Molly Ringwald. Back in the mid 80s, John Hughes was a cool guy. Then he made Home Alone, and is now on everyone's shit-list.

Hughes wrote the screenplay for "Pretty in Pink," but didn't direct it. I know why he didn't direct it. He thought it was carp. And the story is crap. Molly Ringwald is a girl that's from a poor family. Her dad is unemployed and she keeps presurring him to find work. She falls for a rich guy (jon Cryer) who also loves her. But it's a Romeo and Juliet kind of relationship. Her friends hate him, and his friends, especially James Spader, hate her. There's also a character, Duckie, that has a crush on Ringwald, but is just a dumb nerd.

The script is nothing special, and the ending predictable. If someone cries at this ending, then they're REALLY sensitive. I get sad at sad endings. Happy endings, are happy, why the hell would anyone cry? The characters are all porrly written, badly developed, and the actors never bother to flesh them out. So, why would anyone care for them at all.

The music is good, some of the best from the 80s. But then again, a lot of Hughes films have great music. My friend said that the dresses Molly Ringwald wore in the movie were nice,but I don't care. I don't judge a girl based on what she wears, I judge based on how she looks not wearing anything.

I give the movie a five because it's nothing better than mediocre. It doesn't "suck," but it's not really good.

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