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Movies about politics are usually good, of course there are exceptions, but they're usually realistic and interesting. "Primary Colors" is great not only because it's about politics and how things are handled in that world, it also deals with the character's morals, weaknesses, their way of thinking, everything; that's what makes this film so great, as we watch each character's move we believe it was the right thing to do, we make ourselves believe there is a reason for everything that happens and we get to fall in love with every character, that's a feeling that not every film can cause.

Governor Jack Stanton (John Travolta) is running for president, his wife Susan (Emma Thompson) is supporting him, and there is a whole crew of people dedicated only to attemp to solve the problems Jack gets into. From the start of the campaign they get a new guy to join them, Henry Burton (Adrian Lester) who will become one of the biggest helpers Jack has. Most of the film is seen from Henry's point of view.

Stanton is involved in a sex scandal, when a woman claims to have had an affair with him. This has to be solved, so they need to hire an investigator, and Susan wants Libby Holden (Kathy Bates) on this one, a woman that helped the Stantons several years ago, but has now been getting in and out of mental hospitals. Henry teams up with Libby and they start working on the problem.

I wouldn't really want to say how they manage this things because it's a big part of the film, and it could spoil it for you. But I must say it's pretty cool and interesting the way they handle this, the things they are able to do with certain information and how easily you could destroy a politician if you find even one small flaw in his past.

If this sort of stuff happens in real life then I wouldn't want to be in one of those campaigns, because even though there are moments of happyness, there are a lot of bad times and people get very stressed. I think Travolta had to change his voice a little bit, he made it look more like Bill Clinton's actually! He even looked like him physically, with the white hair and all. Many people say this is Travolta's best performance, I think it's definitely one of the best, but couldn't say if it's his best. The whole cast was amazing in this picture, Travolta, Thompson, Lester, Bates, Billy Bob Thornton and Maura Tierney. But it's not just the acting, the story is pretty good also, it's one of the best scripts about presidents and/or politics I've ever seen. I'd recommend this film anytime, I truly enjoyed it, and most people did too. Don't miss it, even if you're not a Travolta fan you're going to like this.

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