• Runtime: 87min.
  • Director: Uwe Boll
  • MPAA Rating:
  • Year: 2000

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Current Rating 4.73/10 | 26 Votes

     What an awful movie. Oh My Gawd! Are you a "Friends" fan? Then you could picture Chandler saying "Oh My Gawd" with that unique tone of voice he uses, and therefore you know the only three words that came to my mind after watching this film.

The plot is simply a disaster. Tom Gerrick (Casper Van Dien) plays a bright young man who's success with his career is unbelievable, but something is just wrong. He seems to have lost interest in life, despite having everything he could possibly want or need, he believes the right thing to do is kill a few people. Don't worry, I'm not spoiling anything for you, and you probably wont watch this film anyways.

Detective Renart (Michael Paré) and his partner Dorothy (Jennifer Rubin) are assigned to a case of serial killing, about 15 people have been murdered and they all had a piece of their face removed, but they have no clue about the killer's identity. Handsome and successful Mr. Gerrick is a witness to one of the murders, and eventually a suspect, but they have no good proof against him.

Wont say any more, but I feel that the right thing to do here, as a reviewer, is to inform you that the rest (actually everything) is crap.

Eric Roberts plays the Detective's boss, but that doesn't help at all. The acting in this film sucks and all the characters are worse than boring. There are also some holes in the script, some questions are left unanswered and some scenes seem completely innecessary. The story isn't even original, since it reminded me of other movies of this kind. And talk about endings, oh boy.. wait 'till you see this one! I would only recommend it to my worst enemies.

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