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     Norm Macdonald, Dave Chapelle, Danny DeVito, and Sherman Hemsley, what more do you want. Just look at that cast. Who gives a hell what the movie is about, just go and see it because it has four hilarious actors starring in it. Now, Screwed is not the best movie in the world, but it isn't the worst. It's a Norm Macdonald movie. It's so stupid. But it is so stupidly funny. I was laughing my ass off through the movie. Not only was Norm Macdonald being his usual stupid self, he was assisted by Dave Chapelle. And Dave Chapelle is a motherfigeting hilarious man (screw Half-Baked, he's alot funnier in this movie). It's a shame that everyone thought this film was dumb. What were they expecting when they went and saw it, an Oscar winner? Come on. But people are dumb these days. Just reading the information on the back of the box alone had me laughing hard.

This film is about an under-appreciated servant to a very rich woman. He decides to kidnap her beloved dog and hold it for ransom. Through a series of events, everyone thinks that Norm Macdonald is kidnapped. And comedy ensues thereafter. The plot gets twisted every which way, each being funnier than the last. Some very fucked up and funny things are going on that will have you laughing your mothereffin ass off. One of the funniest scenes being when they find the old dead midget. You'll have to see the film to get the laugh, it's hilarious.

This film has comedy gold written all over it. I don't see to many balls-out, laughable comedies these days, but Screwed did it for me. Norm Macdonald being Norm Macdonald, Dave Chapelle was a great second man, Danny Devito looks like a homeless guy, and Sherman Hemsley speaks for himself, he's legendary. All around great cast.

The Lowdown:
Damn straight. Go out and get this movie at your local rental store. Plan your evening around it with your girlfriend. Just go out and see this film. It's is very funny. And come on, it's Norm Macdonald.

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