Sleepless in Seattle


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     Someone should have warned me about this being a 'chick flick', now this film has just increased my hate for the romantic genre. That said, this is also a very stupid film, or so I found it to be, I'll tell you why right now.

Sam Baldwin's (Tom Hanks) wife dies and he decides to make a change, which is moving to a completely different city, so he and his eight year old son Jonah (Ross Malinger) move to Seattle in order to start a new life. But Sam's idea of starting a new life went down the toilet, since it's been now a while since his wife died but he's still very depressed about it. His son, worried about his dad, calles a Radio show where people are able to talk to Dr. Marcia Fieldstone, a lady who helps people with their problems through the radio. Jonah tells her about his dad, and she askes if he's there, so Jonah gets his dad and he agrees to follow the dumb game. Dr. Marcia starts asking a lot of questions, and Sam tells her about how much he loved her wife and why.

Meanwhile a woman from Baltimore, Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) is listening to the show while driving in her car, and she realizes that she has a lot in common wit Sam, so she starts to get a little obsessed about him. She tells her friend Becky (Rosie O'Donnell) that even though she's engaged to Walter (Bill Pullman), she needs to do something about Sam, otherwise she'll always be wondering if she let the chance to meet her perfect couple go. So what does she do? She sends a letter to Sam, something that thousands of women had been doing ever since that night on the radio.

Taht's all I'm going to say about the story, but the rest isn't very interesting, believe me. There's some crying and 'sad but supossed to be happy' moments that really annoyed me, I guess girls would find it romantic and beautiful. The story itself seemed pretty dumb to me, why in the world did Sam's son Jonah picked Annie's letter over thousands of other letters from women all around the country? The film wasn't even funny, the only thing that was acceptable is the acting, that's expected when you have a cast like this. Bill Pullman must have been mentally ill when he chose this role, what an idiotic role: Annie tells him "I've got to go meet this other man because I think I love him so I'm breaking up with you in a nice way" [not literally like this], and he just agrees, he says "Ok, go ahead", after they were engaged; now what kind of man would actually believe that story about the man and the radio and be fine with it? Well, whatever type of guy he was, Bill Pullman decided it was a good role to play.

Still, by reading some other comments it seems that most women loved this film, and even called it "the most romantic of the decade" and several other nice things, so my recommendation only goes to the guys: Avoid at all costs, just watch it if your wife/girlfriend forces you, and try not to run away halfway through or she'll get angry!

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