Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


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     Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are arguably the best animated full length movie ever made, and then it is ironic to know that it is also the first to be made.

If you do not know the story of this movie you should be very ashamed, but for those of you that havenít heard this story as child, Iíll give you a brief description. Snow White is a young and beautiful princess, that is supressed by the an evil Queen. The Queen is afraid that her beauty will surpass her own when she becomes full grown. And when the Queens magic mirror reveal that Snow White now is the most fair in the land, she order a hunter to take her out in the forest and kill her.

The hunters heart is melted by the sight of Snow Whiteís beauty and donít manage to kill her as the Queen had ordered. She runs out into the forest in fear and end up in an empty cottage. Later Snow White is introduced to the seven dwarfs that live in the house, and the house is filled with a merry music and dancing. The evil Queen discovers that Snow White is still alive, and drinks a magic potion that turns her into an old ugly woman. Then she create a magic apple, that will put anyone that tastes it into deathís sleep, and only the kiss of the first love can waken the person from the sleep. With her new disguise she successully fool Snow White to taste the apple, and she falls dead over. The Dwarfs think she is dead and place her in a glass coffin which the display in a glade in the middle of the forest. You can foresee what happens next canít you?

Snow White is the first full length animated movie, and the first animated movie to be shot in technicolor. Other directors and producers believed at that time that no one was interested in watching an animated film in one and a half hour, but Walt Disney proved them dead wrong. Snow White was a giant success, and that was partially because of the new technology called Technicolor which made it possibly to make the movie in colors. However, this process was very expensive something that made Black & White customary until the 60ís.

This Walt Disney production is a masterpiece and you will end up watching it again and again when youíre a kid, and even at grown age you will love this movie. It will place a permantent smile on your face for the duration of the movie, and give you many laughs, thrills and tears. Itís brilliantly directed by David Hand and written by Dorothy Ann Blank and Richard Creedon. This is a classic animated movie, that you simply arenít allowed to miss.

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