Star Trek: The Search For Spock


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     If you didn't see Star Trek 2, then go watch it, don't waste my time. If you did see Star Trek 2, the you know that Spock dies. Good riddance too, I hated that guy. I mean, did you ever hear eonard sing? He released a record where he sang, I only heard one song on it where he sang about Bilbo aggins. It was awful, but not as bad as William Shatner when he sang "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds." But seeing as Nimoy directed this, I guess he decided he could do whatever the hell he anted. If he wanted Spock to micraculously come back to life, then damned if he wasn't going to do it.

This Star Trek movie should win the award for most preposterous storyline. No wait, that one with the whales was total bullshit. This one is almost as bad as that one though. It's all poignancy, cheesy battles, and bullshit loop holes in the plot that at three year old would roll their eyes at. So excuse me if I sound like holden Caulfield when I write this. I just didn't like this movie. It's SOOO inferior to the one that preceeded it that it just pisses me off.

Okay, so Spock's "essence" is still alive so there's all this crap about how they have to get him on this Genesis planet and fight a bunch of Klingons, and all that phony stuff. Nothing that nobody's ever seen before.

The ending is so lame that I almost puked. It's all this stupid love stuff and spock is reuinited with everyone. It's like 30 minutes of him hugging Kirk and talking about love. I almost puked.

I give it a 4 because this movie is just so phony and lame. Pff, Spock should have stayed dead.

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