The Deer Hunter


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     Out of a group of friends, Michael (Robert De Niro), Nick (Christopher Walken) and Steve (John Savage) have to go to the Vietnam war. They are forced to get away from their friends and family to fight for their country. In Vietnam where were hold prissoners, and they were forced to play Russian Rulette while the vietnamese made bets between them. 6 bullets can be placed in in a pistol, they used only one in a random slot and if it was the last one you would die. Michael knows they will die in there, so he tells Nick to try to shoot the guards. Michael tries to convince the vietnamese to put more bullets in the gun, and when he does that, he starts shooting them, Nick helps by taking care of one of the guards and they are able to scape. They rescue Steve and start running, but due to some problems Nick had to take a different path. Nick doesn't seem to remember anything about his life, so he stays in the city of Vietnam. Steve is back in the United States, but he lost his legs. Michael went back home and saw all his friends again, and tries to start some sort of a relationship with Linda (Meryl Streep). But after he discovers Nick has been sending some stuff to Steve in the hospital he was, he goes back to Vietnam looking for Nick. When he finds him, it turns out that Nick had became a famous Russian Rulette player, who had never lost of a fight -of course, otherwise he'd be dead-. Michael sees him and notices he is about to play, so he gives all his money in order to play against him, but he doesn't want to play Nick, he is trying to convince him to go home, trying to make him remember who he was, but Nick's head was too screwed up because of the war. The only thing that could explain the title of this film is the fact that they used to go hunting deers for fun when they were at home. This film is great, but since it's so long -about three hours- it has some boring parts, they should have made it shorter in my opinion. The film got several nominations, including Best Actor (De Niro), Best Supporting Actor (Walken, who won), Best Supporting Actress (Streep), Best Director (Cimino, who won) and Best Picture (it won too). As you can see, the acting in this film was just excellent. I love watching De Niro acting, specially when he was younger. Him and Walken make a great on screen duo and I'd love to see them together again now that they're older. John Cazale also had a role in this film, he died short after the film was made (1978).

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