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What happened to Charlie Sheen? He was never a very big star, but at least in the early 90's he would do films people watched, even if they weren't the best films. This is an example of this, an action film starring and directed by Clint Eastwood, but with quite a poor plot. Maybe it was the drugs, maybe he wanted to play better characters, but Sheen is not what he used to be, and that's a shame, since he could even be funny.

Sheen plays David Ackerman, a rookie police officer who is asigned to be Nick Pulovski's (Eastwood) partner. Pulovski was on a case when his partner was shot by the leader of a group of people whose business are related to cars, Strom (Raul Julia). Pulovski knows Strom is behind all of it, but he has nothing against him yet. He and his rookie partner start visiting people he knows, mechanics and such, who might have information on Strom, but he gets nothing. Strom is in problems, he needs a couple of million dollars to pay some debts, but with the help of Pulovski the police are finding every garage that he runs.

Desperate to get the money, Strom kidnaps Pulovski, and asks the police for the two million bucks. But the cops know Pulovski is already dead, so they don't want to pay all that money for nothing. Meanwhile, David, who has no experience whatsoever with this type of situations, decides to stop being so scared and take things into his own hands. He first asks his rich father (Tom Skerrit) for money, but then decides to do things the hard way. He starts by pointlessly beating up people in a bar and then burning it, just to get the address of some guy. Will he be able to rescue Nick? And if he does, what will happen to Strom and his woman (played by Sonia Braga)?

As you can see, this isn't the best of stories, but if you're trying to do an action flick, I guess you don't need much of a story. The film never got boring, something interesting would happen at least every few minutes, and that's a good thing. There are some jokes in the film, which help a whole lot since the film is rather long, and you wouldn't want to sit two straight hours without listening to a couple of funny lines. The acting was nowhere near good, but that's typical in action movies. Overall, it was entertaining, it's a good way to spend two hours, but only if you're looking for some action and you don't find these actors annoying.

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