The Saint


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We quickly learn of Simon Templar's dark past, raised as he was in a strict Catholic orphanage run by zealous nuns and priests. We then see Simon (Val Kilmer, Willow, Red Planet) in modern day Russia, stealing an important computer chip. Simon is a thief.

Truely a master of disguise, Simon has earned a living through dangerous, but well paid, thief work. When Simon tries to steal the solution to cold fusion (which is on the brink of discovery in The Saint) for soon-to-be Russian dictator Ilya Tretiak, he falls in love with the only person in the world who can answer cold fusion's equation: Dr. Emma Russell (Elisabeth Shue, Leaving Las Vegas, Back to the Future).

When Simon steals the formula from Russell to give to Tretiak, Tretiak is informed by his slave scientist Ivan Tretiak (Rade Serbedzija, Mission Impossible II, Snatch) that the forumula is incomplete. It appears that Russell still had a bit of sequencing on the forumla left to do. Tretiak now wants Simon killed, and Russell captured to complete it for him. The hunt is on.

The Saint is a very entertaining film, and while not everything is 100% realistic or logical, it is realistic enough to enjoy. Val Kilmer's performance is great. It's a real question why he hasn't had the opportunity to star in bigger films.

The love chemistry between Shue and Kilmer is terrific. I actually caught myself glowing with a big grin on my face (something I don't do too often!) near the end of the film during a scene with Shue and Kilmer.

I'll end by saying this: The Saint is one of those films where you will either like it or hate it based on your attitude upon watching the film. I let myself enjoy the film in it's entirety, not letting myself ruin it by questioning the lighting, plausibility etc. - enjoy the film, watch it with a positive attitude, and you will leave having seen a superb movie.

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