The Salton Sea


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The moment I read the description on the back of "The Salton Sea"'s DVD cage, I was interested. Stories like these always get my interest, but unfortunately not all of them end up fulfilling my expectations; this one, on the other hand, did.

From the beggining of the movie we're introduced to Val Kilmer's character by his own narrating, telling us how he doesn't even know anymore if he's Tom Van Allen or Danny Parker. Apparently it's a scene that takes place later in the story, so he goes back and shows us what his life is like.

Tom's a junkie, an addict, who does nothing but getting high with his friends all day. What his friends don't know is that he helps the cops catching drug dealers. Yes, he's a rat, and he knows it, what we don't know is what he gets out of this.

I can't tell you much more because I could spoil it for you, and that's the last thing I wanna do, since the story is probably the most important aspect of this film.

The film started off a bit slow, I began to regret having rented it, but after some minutes the story started to take life, it finally started to get me interested, and once it did that, the interest I had on it never ceased increasing. If all movies would get more and more interesting as they progress, then I wouldn't care if they started off a bit slow. As the movie goes by, Tom (or Danny?) keeps telling us things, and revealing facts we didn't know... You have to see it for yourself, quite entertaining.

The acting is great, I've always liked Kilmer's acting and there's no way this could be an exception. Vincent D'Onofrio also gives a great and sometimes funny performance, and the rest of the supporting cast was just brilliant, it includes Luis Guzmán, Adam Goldberg, Anthony LaPahlia, Deborah Unger, R. Lee Ermey (Why is such a good actor taking so small roles?), and Glenn Plummer, who gave a hilarious performance as Bobby the dealer.

"The Salton Sea" was a limited release in the US, and in my country it was straight to video, a true shame. This film is terribly underrated, I think it's pretty damn good, in the simplest terms. A great story with great cast, what else could you ask for? Now I'm curious to watch "Murder by Numbers", also written by Tony Gayton. Anyways, my recommendation is to watch The Salton Sea if you get the chance.

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