The Virgin Suicides


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     Sofia Coppola, director of this movie, first came into the film business in her Daddy's film "The Godfather." She played the baby in the babtisim scene. She later starred in the third Godfather movie as some girl with absolutly no talent whatsoever. Her performance in that movie is ranks pretty highly on my top ten list of worst performances of all time. She directed some movie in 1998 called "Lick the Star," but I didn't really bother with it.

I saw a preview the other day for "The Virgin Suicides" on some tape I rented, and it looked interesting... well there were a bunch of hot chicks, and when I think like that, even Sofia Coppola's performance in "The Godfather 3" can look interesting. But I rented the movie anyway and almost turned it off when I saw her name in the credits... but there was a pretty girl in the pre credits sequence, although she was 13.

The movie is actually pretty good. I don't know if her Dad smacked Sofia around and told her how to direct a movie decently, bt she pulled it off amazingly well. The story is an odd kind of romance revolving around a group of sucidally depressive (and extraordinarly sexy) sisters and a group of boys who stand away and watch them with lust. It has a well rounded cast, a bunch of cute girls, Givoanni Ribisi, Kathleen Turner, and James Woods.

I give this movie aN 8, not based on the lustful state of mind I was in when I watched this movie, but because it's a decent movie all around. The whole cast gives great performances, the soundtrack was great, and then the lust makes up for the rest.

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