The Watcher


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Detective Joel Campbell (James Spader) gives up hopes in a serial killer case and moves to another city. But the killer, David Allen Griffin (Keanu Reeves) comes back and starts killing people again, in the city where the Detective moved. This time, the killer starts sending pictures of his next victim, but nothing else, which makes it very hard for the police to find him.

One of the pictures that he sends, is Campbell's psychiatrist Polly (Marisa Tomei). Campbell will do anything to save her, though there isn't much he can do, since Griffin took him to the place where he was holding Polly, taking his gun first. That is at the end, what heppened next is very predictable.

The serial killer also sends a picture of Campbell's deseased wife (or girlfriend, not sure) which he was going to kill a few years erlier, but Campbell arrived and started chasing him; but while chasing him, the house was on fire, and his loved one, who was tied in a chair, and Campbell didn't untie because he went after Griffin, died. The detective keeps having dreams about those horrible moments.

The performances are a little bit believable, but no big deal. The plot is terrible, and the way it developes it's even worse. It is such a crappy story, I don't think anything could have saved it.

The last time I saw Marisa Tomei must have been in "Only You", which is from 1994 I believe, and when I saw her in this film I was very shocked, she looks very different now, looks older then I expected her to look. James Spader was probably the only good thing about the film, and even his character annoyed me a little. I personally don't even know why I watched it until the end. Please try to avoid.

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