The Waterboy


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Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler) is a 31 yeard old man who serves water to football players, but these always treat him with cruelty. One day, the coach of the Mud Dogs, coach Kline (Henry Winkler), tells Bobby to stand up for himself, so next time a player made fun of him, he tackled the guy in a very strong way. That is when coach Kline discovers Bobby has a talent for football, so he wants him to play for his team.

Bobby's mother (Kathy Bates) doesn't want Bobby to play football, she says it's for the devil. Coach Kline tries to convince her but he can't, so Bobby has to play football behind his mother's back. With Bobby on the team the Mud Dogs start winning a lot of games, they even reach the finals.

Coach Kline is afraid of the other team's coach because in the past he stole a book of plays frim him, and Kline couldn't do anything, so Bobby helps him overcome that. Bobby also likes a girl called Vicki Vallencourt (Fairuza Balk), and he has to argue with his mother because she said he shouldn't see Vicki, because she's the devil. After some talking, his mom realizes that all that devil-talking is useless, Bobby is a man and he should do what he wants, so she wants him to play football and he can still see Vicki.

I really don't know if this film would fit into the Comedy genre. When I first watched the film, I didn't laugh once, honestly, I think I didn't even smile once. The jokes in here are just too simple, not funny, maybe kids under 10 years old would laugh. This is definitely one of Sandler's worst films, in my opinion. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, there is a huge ammount of better films, including Sandler films and other comedies.

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