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Maria 'Mary' Fiore (Jennifer López) is one of the best wedding planners around, she plans the weddings for very rich and important people. But although everybody thinks she must be a very happy and romantic person -just like her weddings- she has actually been alone most of her life. One day she is about to have an accident in the street, and a young man saves her. She passes out, and when she recovers her conscience she is in a hospital for kids, where the man who saved her, Dr. Steve 'Eddie' Edison (Matthew McConaughey) has taken care of her.

After that she goes out with him to watch a movie, they dance, she seems to be falling in love with him, and he seems to feel something for her too, but it started raining and they just went to their houses. At the same time, Mary was planning a huge wedding for Francine 'Fran' Donnolly (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras). All the problems start when Mary finds out that Eddie is Fran's fiancee.

Also Mary's father is trying to set her up with an Italian guy she knows from her childhood, Massimo (Justin Chambers), but Mary has no feelings for him. Will Mary and Eddie take sepparate ways knowing that they love each other?

It's fun to see three people together in a situation where 2 of them know something the other one doesn't. Massimo was pretty funny in this film too. There are a few funny situations, but nothing hilarious. It's a typical love story, boring and predictable from my point of view, I just wanted it to end quickly. It's not so bad but I wouldn't recommend with so many good films out there.

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