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Current Rating 7.72/10 | 88 Votes

     This film has a pretty poor script, so I find it impossible to write a 'normal' review for it, you know, introducing the main characters while telling the storyline. The problem is the story is so dumb that it'd be a crime to waste more than a couple of words on it. Anyways, lets see what I have to say about it.

The film consists in a series of murders based on urban legends that start happening in a university.

I said I couldn't write more on the storyline, so don't be surprised. Anyways, there is more stuff I want to say about the film, so don't stop reading.

I'd like to start by saying the film is totally made of already seen stuff. There is not a single change in the style of the killings and the killer also followed the typical patterns, such as always wearing the same clothes, killing with the same weapon and being nearly invincible. One of the few things I liked about the film is the fact that it contains some shocking scenes, not scary, but shocking because they play a strong sound when something suddenly happens, the feeling that produces is pretty cool I must say, specially if you're watching the film on the big screen.

I think a good film of this type should always reveal small details so that at least the smart people would notice or have some clues about who the killer is. I've seen some comments about this film and some people claim to have discovered who the killer was before watching the end, but I'd say that is impossible because the story behind it is just ridiculous. I'd say this was an attemp to duplicate "I Know What You Did Last Summer", which some people said it was an attemp to duplicate "Scream", but I honestly think Scream was better than both. Even though the 3 films have similar characteristics like the killer always wearing the same clothes, having the same weapon and people never trying to hit them -what a bunch of cowards, they always run-, there is something that Scream had and "I Know.." and Urban Legends didn't have: The killer in Scream was able to run, he always got stuck on the stairs or a chair, but at least he was running; in the other 2 films the killer never runs, he always walks and although the victim is running as fast as possible the killer always catches them. It's actually funny.

Please don't start thinking terrible stuff about me because of the rating I'm giving this film, I usually (sometimes) rate tilms taking in account how entertaining it was; in this case, the film entertained me, but anyone who watches it would immediately notice that as a film it's not very good. I'd say the best scene of the entire film was the first one, it was very exiting and just for that I'd say it was worth watching. The performances by these young actors weren't so bright, I don't know why Jared Leto bothered to take this role; Robert Englund had a small role which was a nice touch considering he's a horror hero. If you liked "I Know What You Did Last Summer" then you might want to check out this film.

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