Varsity Blues


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     Varsity Blues stars James Van Der Beek as Jonathon Mox, second string quarterback for the top school in the state of Texas. Headcoach Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight)is a tough when it comes to football. His goal is to win more championships than any other football team. When the top rated quarterback gets injured, the pressure is on Mox to fill his shoes and carry the team to another championship.

The plot is mainly about the abuse the players have to take from their coach, racism and prejudice being a few of the factors. The acting is good, but the female characters, Amy Smart and Ali Larter play to girls who are obsessed with Mox, and cry throughout the whole movie because he is a good football player. It gets annoying when his girlfriend threatens to leave him because he is too popular! Why some of the characters never develop into anything likable, is beyond me, but it really killed the movie.

There were several funny scenes in the movie, anatomy class for one. And the strip club scene is another. The football games were done well, with a few nice camera shots of the field. You almost feel that you are in the game, but the movie is not all about football.

Overall, Varsity Blues is a teenager flick, good if you're with a bunch of friends and you are looking for anything to watch. It's pretty funny, but a little too dramatic.

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